Center of Excellence

Life Science

Our team conduct research and development in computational biology, nano-processing, and nano-formulation of natural products with integrated nanotechnology-based-laboratory facilities and high-performance computerized. Our research aims at creating innovative natural drug, supplement and cosmetic products based on nanotechnology that dedicated to the future human health and life sciences. Our team members consist of multidisiplinary background in sciences (chemistry, biology, pharmacy and chemical engineering) and we work together to promote state-of-the-art research.

We utilize the computational method that allows us to comprehend preliminary studies and apply them to experimental systems such as cells and animal models to elucidate mechanisms of human metabolism. We used them to choose the best natural product and combined with nano-processing to create new innovative natural drugs, supplements, or cosmetics products for human health.


Innovate to research and develop life sciences field


  • Be a productive research and development division in life sciences field, to produce influential scientific publications and innovative natural products through integrated laboratory with advances facilities.
  • Provide consulting services and development of natural supplement and/or cosmetics to produce the new health products through the use of nanotechnology and computational modeling
  • Establish good collaboration and cooperation with other CoE divisions in Nano Center Indonesia foundation, also with other educational or research institutions in Indonesia and international (global)
  • Improve the quality and capacity of CoE Life Sciences human resources that are excellent, competent, qualified, and with integrity



Director of CoE Life Sciences

Dr. Etik Mardliyati, M.Eng.

Putri Hawa Syaifie, M.Si.

Nofa Mardia N. K., M.Si.

Donny Ramadhan, S.Si, M.Si.

M. Miftah Jauhar, S.Si.

Roro Intan Sasmaya Akbar, S.Si


Delfritama Ibadillah, S. Farm


Khalish Arsy Al Khairy Siregar, S. Farm



Our Research Area

What We Can Offer



Horacio Perez Sanchez, Ph.D

Supervisor principle of Structural Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing Research Group (BIO-HPC)

Isa Anshori, Ph.D

Supervisor principle of Lab-on-Chip Research group, STEI ITB

Dr. Mega Safithri

Lecturer and researcher at biochemistry department, Bogor Agricultural Univeristy gawnlA0AAAAJ&hl=id

Paula Mariana Kustiawan

Lecturer and researcher at Pharmacy department, Muhammadiyah University of East Kalimantan




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